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Friends of Marimekko is our customer and community program that provides you versatile member benefits.

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 100 €:n tilauksiin
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Yllätyslahjoja ja palveluetuja

Terms and conditions of the Marimekko loyalty program

1. Marimekko Corporation’s (referred to in these terms and conditions as “Marimekko”) loyalty program provides benefits to the members of the program. A member must be at least fifteen (15) years of age. Member benefits can be used in Marimekko stores and online store

2. Marimekko processes the personal data of the members of the loyalty program in accordance with the Privacy Statement. A member undertakes to keep their username and password confidential and is responsible for the actions taken with them.

3. Member benefits are intended for use by individuals only, and, for example, not for resale purposes. Membership is personal, and only the member can make purchases associated with the loyalty program, unless otherwise specified.

4. A member earns one Unikko point for every $100 spent per transaction, when identified in Marimekko store or online store. Each full $100 entitles to one Unikko point. For example, if a member makes a one-time purchase of $200, they will receive a total of two Unikko points. Points are calculated from the checkout total sum, excluding shipping costs.

Unikko points are not earned for purchases under $100. Only those purchases in connection with which the membership has been identified contribute to the accrual. If the membership has not been identified in connection with the purchase, the purchase cannot be added to the purchase accumulation afterwards, and purchases made at different purchase times or receipts cannot be combined. In addition, Unikko points cannot be linked from different accounts to a single account.

5. In order for Marimekko to serve the members of the loyalty program in the best possible way, members should update their contact information as they change. A member can update their contact information themselves by logging in to the online store with their own credentials or by contacting customer service.

6. A member can resign from Marimekko loyalty program at any time without a notice by contacting customer service. Direct marketing permission can be cancelled by clicking on the link in the newsletter or by logging into Marimekko online store with own credentials and editing the information on own pages. Marimekko also updates its customer register with email queries. If a member does not respond to the survey, Marimekko may terminate the membership and remove the member's information from the loyalty program.

7. If Marimekko suspects that a member is using membership offers or other benefits for resale purposes or otherwise violates these terms and conditions, Marimekko has the right not to provide benefits and terminate the membership.

8. Marimekko has the right, without separate personal notice, to terminate the loyalty program and change its terms and conditions, such as the benefits offered in the program. Changes to the terms and conditions will be communicated by posting the updated terms on Marimekko’s website.

9. Marimekko Corporation is responsible for the Marimekko loyalty program.

10. Unless otherwise required by applicable mandatory laws, the Marimekko loyalty program is construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Finland.